Libertarians are not Liberals!

"Libertarian," means "Liberty." The party was created by Americans, and they don't have a Liberal Party there, so, with us Canadians, there is some confusion and often, Libertarian candidates hear, "Are you the Liberals?"

No, we are not!

We are for liberty, and we despise government waste. Don't forget the $100,000,000.00 Liberal ad scam.

On February 10, 2004, Auditor General Sheila Fraser's report revealed up to $100 million of the $250 million sponsorship program was awarded to Liberal-friendly advertising firms and Crown corporations for little or no work:

Then there is, very recently, the iPod tax that the Liberals, NDP and the Bloc want to bring, and here's a Facebook group working against it:

So, as Libertarians, we despise that interference in the marketplace, and no, we are not Liberals. We want a smaller government, with no money spent on the CBC, nor on arts funding of any kind. We want to preserve our property rights and strengthen rights to own firearms.

Less government interference and waste, means more money for you to make your own decisions for private health care and private investments for retirement. Both of those things are businesses, and we believe that the government has not been performing very well at that job. For more, please visit the rest of this website.

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