April 17: Great weather, and I stopped by the bakery with my youngest. When I go there with her, everybody wants to talk to her, and they ignore me, so I give up. Here you go, Eva.

April 16: Yesterday was busy. I will write more when I can, but I'm catching a bit of sleep before I'm off to the bakery again. After attending Mayor Aspden's monthly Open House, I stopped for a few minutes to check out all of the artwork on display in the rotunda at city hall. I'm standing next to Japanese Garden by Barbara Canning. I wish I could take it home with me. There's a lot of talent in our community. Time for me to apply what artistry I have with pastry. Ciao!

April 9: I just got back from Toronto, and can post again, but not for too long, because I have to be right back at work, at the bakery. In case you missed the story which featured me last night on A Channel, you can watch it here. Below is a pic of what my raffle tickets look like. Please buy some, as it is for a very good cause. I'd like to write more, but I have to go.

April 8: My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the earthquake in Italy. I have family and friends nearby who were affected. Secondly, my thanks to A Channel, Rogers and the Barrie Examiner. In particular, I wish A Channel and its staff well as they struggle with these tough economic times. I will post a longer update when I can, as I will be on the road to Toronto after this text message is posted for me by Darren Roskam.

April 7: Second update...I want to thank Rogers Barrie for a nice story they did about me, and the Barrie Examiner is also doing a story about me, as well. I mean to say, not about me, but rather that my family's old home town in Italy is very close to where the earthquakes happened, and those people are in my thoughts and prayers at this time.

April 7: Hey, lemme get off the politics for a minute.

My niece has Autism, and ever since she was born in 1998, the struggle of families who deal with this disorder have been close to my heart. My brother's family lives in York Region and they use the services of Giant Steps, a special school for children with Autism. The school is not completely funded by the government. It is funded by the hard work of the families. Every year the families have a number of fund raising events. My wife and I have had garage sales where we have donated all the sales to the school. We help with the annual Bowl For Autism event
which includes raffling off great prizes.

This year I'm hoping to sell more raffle tickets and take
in more donations than ever. I'm hoping that with your help this
will be possible. The Bowl For Autism takes place Thursday, April 30, 2009 at Lucky Strikes at Vaughan Mills. Raffle prizes will also be drawn that night and winners will be contacted by phone. If anyone would like to buy a raffle ticket the cost is
$10 per ticket. With great prizes like a Diamond Pendant Necklace worth $1200, an iPod Touch with speaker package worth $500, and a $500 Yorkdale Shopping Centre card and, much more, these tickets are a pleasure to buy.

Spots at the Bowling event are still available at a cost of $65 that includes bowling, food and drinks and great prize giveaways. People who would like to buy raffle tickets can call me at 647-300-8555 or email me at paolothebaker@yahoo.ca

Or, come by the Italian bakery at 200 Wellington Street West
and ask for me, Paolo Fabrizio. I'm willing to deliver the
tickets to you anywhere in the Barrie area. For every dollar donated, my website www.barrielibertarians.com will match it (up to $500), so if you can, please help out and get in touch with me.

Giant Steps is a school and therapy centre for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder. For more info contact the school at 905-881-3104 or email at giantstepstoronto@bellnet.ca
Charitable#89836 2579 RR0001.

The school also funds programs that serve special needs children in other schools. I can sell raffle tickets up to the night of Thursday, April 30, and if there is any company or individual who donates $500 or more, we will thank you in the school's newsletter, and on my website.

Thanks again for any help you can give us.
Paolo Fabrizio

March 31: So, judging from last night's council meeting, 100 grand was going to be spent to manage the City's interests, no matter which proposal gets chosen. Okay...then I still disapporve. Anyway, Council is still ignoring the best expert, which is Mark Porter. Alright, enough of that, for now. Here's a couple pics I wanted to post, before I go to work at the bakery. Here I am with the family at Earth Hour, at Barrie City Hall:

March 29: I just got back from the ROAR tea. Good turnout, with more people not in their seats, getting tea at the back of the room. Councillor Mike Ramsay was there, too. Mayor Aspden showed up near the end, but I was there with the kids and I had to go, so I couldn't get a picture. But here's the two pics I did get:

Now watch my youngest quickly get bored at the ROAR tea:
Just arrived. Not bored. Okay...
Less than five minutes later.

In less than ten minutes, she'd had enough. Dad, this party is boring. Is it over yet? Can we go home?

Oh yeah, and there weren't enough donuts for this guy next to me:

March 28: I've had a brief look at a public document concerning Barrie City Council's upcoming decision about what to do with the Allandale Train Station, and surrounding real estate. It is available here.

This quote, from a motion from Barrie City Staff, disappoints me: "That the City retain a project manager, on a 12 month (plus 6 month extension) contract basis, for an amount not to exceed $100,000 with experience related to structural restoration of historic buildings to manage the City's interests with respect to the structural restoration of the historic Allandale Station buildings, with funding from General Capital Expenditure Reserve (Account 13-04-1440)."

Well, who is going to manage the project manager, and, who will manage that guy, and who will manage him, and so on, if this logic is to continue? It seems the City of Barrie needs one, just one, project manager with "experience related to structural restoration of historic buildings to manage the City's interests with respect to the structural restoration of the historic Allandale Station buildings." May I suggest Mark Porter?

Maybe, if the Porter/Forecast proposal does not get selected, Porter could be hired as the expert to oversee the work he could have done, had his proposal been selected, to begin with! Porter, in case you didn't know, does have the "experience" to do exactly what the City of Barrie says it wants done. You can check out some of his projects, here.

Our municipal government is turning the expert away in favour of the YMCA/Correct group, which has no expertise. And, the City is now going to, perhaps, spend $100,000.00 to have an expert consulted, to "manage the City's interests." This is beyond parody, or criticism, because there are no words which can compete with the truth of what this motion is proposing, and, what Barrie City Council may offer us, if they agree to it.

Government is the problem, not the solution. I repeat that like a broken record, because I really don't have much choice.


March 20: Yesterday, I got a mention in a front-page story in the Examiner. Memories Bar and Grill was on fire, and I stopped for a moment very early in the morning of the 18th, on my way to work in the bakery. I'm glad nobody was hurt. Hey, like I told you guys, I'm always up in the middle of the night, baking. I don't miss anything.

March 18: Thanks for coming out, yesterday, folks. Here we are at Groovy Tuesday's, thanks to a pic from Darren Roskam, who also attended, among a dozen others. I wanted to direct you all to this video, again. Come on, click it!

March 17, 2009: Hey, come by Mullies, tonight from 7-9 PM for some Libertarian-style chat.

March 11, 2009: I just got back from an open house meeting at Shutters, earlier tonight, about the Porter/Forecast proposal. The turnout was great; I got there a few minutes early and had to wait for the next information session, which they had to have, as it was packed, and on such a cold and windy night, too! Councillors Mike Ramsay and Michael Prowse were in attendance. This is an issue I will study a bit more. In the meantime, here is a video I think addresses some points in a humourous fashion; please click here.



March 6, 2009: Hey, thanks to everybody who voted for me. I know i was a long shot, but I appreciated every vote. Thanks again.

March 5, 2009

I'm super busy today, with not much time to write much, here. Please vote for me, or, at least vote for somebody, and participate in our democracy.


February 28, 2009

I enjoyed the debate, earlier today. I just got back after some long hours on the road. As for things happening in Barrie, there's a video from Councillor Ward, here, in which he refers to those opposed to the YMCA getting the train station land as being beset by "myths." The only myth we have to wrestle with is the myth that government is the solution, and not the problem. Are people in Barrie getting what they want? It doesn't seem so, not on this issue. But government does what it wants, just the same.

February 27, 2009

Hello, again, Haliburton! I'm looking forward to the debate tomorrow. I'm on the run with my cell phone; I wish I had time for a longer update.

And for people in Barrie, I want to say that I am for the Porter proposal for the historic train station lands. Here's a video from one of the Barrie City Councillors who voted against it. Please watch it and report any disagreement you have with it to Darren Roskam, who is making a YouTube video answer to it, at this email address. However, you can make your own decision. Visit this website to sign the petition for Porter, or check the link to the YMCA's proposal.

See you at the debate.


February 26, 2009

Below is a story about me taken from The Barrie Examiner. Open in a new tab or download for full size. I want to thank Brian Rodnick, Raymond Bowe and J.T. McVeigh for their interest in the Barrie connection to the Haliburton byelection. Great pic, J.T., you made me look important, and seven feet tall. Then, I go home and the wife tells me different. Ha ha! Ciao


February 25, 2009

Greetings to Haliburton residents!

Hi, my name is Paolo Fabrizio, and I'm running for MPP in Haliburton. Yes, I'm coming from Barrie, and yes, this website's address is "barrielibertarians," and I'll be happy to tell you why.

Many Conservatives aren't pleased with John Tory's performance as their provincial leader, and are even less pleased that he's coming back, so soon, as a candidate. That doesn't leave folks in Haliburton with much of a choice, at all, for options to the right. There may be a chance many Conservatives won't show up to vote, at all. The Libertarian Party of Ontario decided that they wanted to send one of their most experienced (or, as I may say, as a pastry chef, most "well-seasoned") candidates to represent the Libertarian platform in Haliburton. I was the closest one, with the most experience. We did that because even though he's not too popular, Tory is still a high-profile candidate.

We didn't have the time or the money to start up a whole new website on short notice, and you know what? We decided to use this one, from my run for MP, in the riding of Barrie. Yes, this website is more concerned with federal issues, but the philosophy is the same: Government is the problem, not the solution. We have imperfect education and health care systems. They are complained about so often, why don't we admit that they don't work, and we should try something different? If you want more information, please visit our provincial website, here.

This website has links to some Youtube videos. We have a sense of humour, and are proud of it. With almost 50% of Canadians not voting in the last federal election, people are certainly fed up with the typical pro politician, and their promises. There is also material here which is critical of the Greens. I want to make it clear that I am an environmentalist, too. I care about the environment, too. I recycle, and have been reducing my consumer choices, too. I just don't believe that a Green government is the solution. You make up your own mind, but please don't think that the Greens are the only party for those fed up with the two major parties, and, remember that we have been in Canada longer than the Greens.

Below is my official press release. Please poke around the website, and hit the contact link at the left to let me know what you think about it.


Libertarian Candidate Seeks Unhappy Conservatives

Paolo Fabrizio is the Libertarian candidate for the March 5 by-election in the Electoral District of Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock. He believes he could win a lot of votes from unhappy conservatives. "Many small-c conservatives feel the Conservative Party has abandoned them and is too much like the Liberal Party, both provincially and federally," says Fabrizio. "And some are not happy John Tory chose this riding to try again for a seat in the legislature."

Fabrizio believes many landowners in the riding will appreciate the Libertarian Party's support of property rights. "We believe the Greenbelt is a massive infringement on property rights, preventing farmers from financing a comfortable retirement after years of hard work. The Nutrient Management Act and the Clean Water Act are designed to make life harder for farmers. We also believe farmers should be able to sell their milk and eggs to whomever they want, and if their customers want raw milk, that should be their choice, not the government's. We are the Party of choice."

The Libertarian Party believes the use of force by government should be limited to protecting life, liberty and property and apprehending anyone who uses force (or the threat of force) or fraud against peaceful citizens. Such laws were passed long ago, so one must wonder why over 100 more laws are passed every year, and why there are 500,000 regulations dictating what he may and may not do.

The use of government force leads to unsatisfactory results. A drop-out rate of about 30% proves the government is incapable of providing a good education system. Wait time measured in months for critical surgery and thousands of patients without a family doctor demonstrates how government is rationing health care. Libertarians believe government is the problem and competition is the solution.

Paolo Fabrizio is 36 years old and is a baker. He is married with three young children.

Voters can find out more about the Libertarian Party on the Internet at
www.libertarian.on.ca <http://www.libertarian.on.ca/>


For more information, contact
Jim McIntosh, Treasurer
Ontario Libertarian Party

Just got the Examiner. Thanks to JT McVeigh for a great shot. A few more comments, below.

ELECTION IS OVER: Thank you to all who voted for me, and congratulations to Patrick Brown, and all others who ran, as I was pleased to be in your company in the debates and in the media. Thanks to the Barrie Examiner for the coverage and the Advance, too, the radio stations and Rogers and especially Terry who always puts together a great show for city council meetings. Good night. Ciao!  


October 13, 2008: Home stretch! Vote, as we need to get 4%. All parties with over 4% get $1.75 per vote subsidy. I wish nobody got it, but as long as the others do, we may as well have it, too. Help us get there, please. C'mon, please!

We got a nice mention in the Examiner, as they let us mention our website in this profile. Thanks, guys. Check out my other clippings from both papers in my bio are. Please, if you haven't already, check out my videos: My intro, a Green criticism, me at Lick's, and my new video with local PRO FIGHTER MIKE ROWBOTHAM. Every single vote means so much to us. Please, let us have it.


People ask why we criticize the Greens a little, here. It's nothing personal. They've just been enjoying the "cool" party spot for too long, and we have to answer all that by pointing out the differences. Is it so wrong to say to all who vote Green because they're dissatisfied with the two bigger parties to think twice? Have we been enjoying the same treatment in the media? No.

Hey, just another reminder to email us or phone me at the contact section off to the left so we know if you're coming out to our election night thing at Mullie's starting at 7PM. Also, keep spreading the videos around. What does it cost you to email them to your friends? C'mon!

DONATE! Hit the contact link and call me. You get a 75% tax refund on it. And we need a new Mac Mini, the old one is slow, man.

WIN OR LOSE, VOTE FOR ME IF THIS WEBSITE SPEAKS TO YOU! Every vote shows that the people we do reach with our tiny budget CARE about what I say.


The special edition of Crowe magazine is a hit! After being off the scene for five months, readers were glad to have their old friend of eight years back, and we're getting plenty of emails. Thanks. A 500-issue mag that is eight years old carries a lot more weight than flyers you can't become a fan of. The issue is available for download, at left. I'm also looking forward to joining the other parties at Lick's. With my food service and customer service skills, I'll feel right at home. Maybe I'll stay on for a few hours and get paid. Ha! Just kidding.

I would ask that if you know anybody with enough money to contribute for us to run a newspaper ad, please ask them to help. Just one ad could mean a lot to us.

I just want to be clear, here: I did not write that issue. Darren Roskam does what he wants in his own mag, and only the back cover is speaking for me, and the Libertarian Party. I am grateful to the Examiner and the Advance for the coverage I did get, and Darren's opinions about other politicians and media outlets are his, not mine. If anybody would like to help me with a newspaper ad, that'd be great, but if Darren is volunteering, I'll take it. I'm not going to limit myself to signs and a few flyers, and people shouldn't expect me to.



This website is authorized by the official agent for Paolo Fabrizio's campaign
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