Just because the Libertarian Party isn't the biggest party, doesn't mean it isn't the party of choice for many of your favourite celebrities. The only reason why there aren't more pictured here, is because the website template banner couldn't fit any more in!

Clint Eastwood, when asked how he would characterize himself, politically, said, "Libertarian...everyone leaves everyone else alone.

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong is a registered Libertarian voter in California. Steven Spielberg's first choice to play Indiana Jones, Tom Selleck, when mistakenly identified as a Conservative during a magazine interview, said, "I prefer Libertarian." Maybe, like Jimmie "JJ" Walker, you might be a Libertarian, and not know it, as he said, "I've always felt like I've had Libertarian leanings, but just didn't know the label." Do you like Dwight Yoakam? Then you might agree with him when he says, "I believe in liberty. I'm a Libertarian," and, "We have criminalized common citizens in this country for not complying with rules from parasitic bureaucrats, be it mandatory insurance or whatever...they think if we give up liberty, we'll get a Utopia...ultimately, there's going to be a great, rude awakening for those who try to control others." Sure, he's talking about the USA, but what he's talking about applies to Canada, as well. John Popper, of Blues Traveler, is known for being a great harmonica player, as well as an advocate for marijuana legalization, but he's not a member of the Green Party, probably because Popper is also a gun collector! He's said, "I believe in freedom for markets and freedom for individuals, so I guess that makes me a Libertarian."

Where are the Canadian celebs? How about Neil Peart, who sure sounds like a Libertarian, and Tommy Chong, who didn't actually say he's a Libertarian, but, he didn't say he was Green, and, when given a test, preferred the Libertarian Party. Decide for yourself, here.

And, there are a whole lot more Libertarian celebrities right here. But my favourite Libertarian celebrity is the late Aaron Russo, who passed away last year. In 2006, he made a documentary called America: Freedom to Fascism, which you can watch for free here, and, in parts on Youtube, here. Just a reminder–I have no control over any of the comments people leave on Youtube.

Another documentary which makes an argument against central banks was made by a Canadian, and is called Money as Debt. Its official website is here. You can download a free WMV or Quicktime version of the video here. Again, I don't necessarily endorse the other content on the website which is offering the free download. I'm only recommending the Money as Debt video, and that's the only place where I know you can get it, for free.
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