If it makes sense to you, then vote Libertarian.

Stop following the training you've had, to vote for your own big party, even if they disappoint you, just because you've been trained to hate the other big party. When I was at the Rogers TV debate at Barrie City Hall, it was pretty exciting, but most people were there to cheer one of the big guys, which is okay, but why are people so quick to be angry with each other, when most of our problems have been caused by one of the two big parties?

The differences between the two big parties are largely cosmetic, and some of their members even switch teams. Don't forget the lesson Belinda Stronach taught everyone, just a few years ago. One minute, she's Conservative, and so much so, she wanted to run the party. She ran as a Conservative and was elected, but then she crossed the floor and became Liberal, in exchange for a deal to become a cabinet minister. Then, after the Liberals lost the federal election, she said she wasn't going to seek re-election.

Why do you owe any loyalty to this two-party system? If anybody threw their votes away, it was the people who voted for Belinda as a Conservative, and as a Liberal. She was elected twice, but her legacy was nothing at all. What did the Liberals and Conservatives do for you? Now, she walks away, back to her Daddy's company. Bye Bye!

If you want to vote Libertarian, then do so!
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