I won't begin a long argument about guns. They are no more perfect than cars and kitchen utensils, and no more dangerous when used properly. But some people feel differently and we can agree to disagree. I just wanted to speak to those of you who own firearms, and who wish to keep a handgun in the home.

I believe that the government should not enjoy more rights than its citizens. If the army and the police can have guns, then so should you. As a Libertarian, no one else will stand up more to defend your right to own firearms. Here is some Libertarian commentary about guns, and other things. As for your decision on the subject, what follows here are quotes from the Greens, and the Libertarians. I note the Green platform because some of you, upset with the two big parties, might be inclined to give your vote to the Greens. Well, if you are also a handgun owner, consider this, first, please.

The Green Party's platform has this to say:

Green Solutions

Green Party MPs will:
Eliminate use of handguns, automatic and semi-automatic weapons for personal use by means of careful review and consultation, enhancement of gun registry and development of other programs to control gun use and ownership.  Consult especially with holders of collections to ensure guns are rendered non-functional to eliminate usefulness to thieves.
Streamline the gun registry in consultation with hunter organizations, First Nations and
sportsmen.  Ensure the registration system is fair for all users.
Support the elimination of registration fees for firearms designed specifically for hunting.
Strengthen measures to combat gun smuggling and the possession of banned weapons.
Ban handguns and combat weapons including semi-automatic rifles and assault rifles.

The Libertarian platform says this:

Guns and Self-Defence Rights  

• The government's role should be to assist ordinary people in defending themselves, not to leave them defenceless to criminals and crazed gunmen. 
• We support the rights of ordinary citizens to carry firearms for self-defence and recreational purposes.  
• Police who carry guns should not have more rights than the public they serve. Neither should criminals be the only members of the public who carry guns.  
• We would repeal gun registration laws, which are blatant attempts to supervise and control members of the public - to whom the government is only a servant.  
• Those who use guns in violent crimes should be punished severely, but those who use guns to defend their lives and to deter aggressive criminals should never be punished for a proportional response.
End of platform quotes

Handguns are already illegal for private citizens to carry in Canada. However, they can still be kept in the home. The Greens don't think you should be able to own a handgun in your own home, unless they have "consulted" with you to "ensure" your handgun has been "rendered non-functional" to eliminate its "usefulness to thieves."

How nice! If a thug tries a home invasion at your house, with a gun that works, all you'll have to defend yourself and your family with will be a gun that doesn't work! The thief in your home with be armed and ready with a working gun, and you'll be "rendered non-functional."

If this is what you want, with your swift self-protection reduced to a toy by the government, then vote Green. If you want to be treated like an adult and left alone to make your own choice about having a handgun in your home, vote Libertarian.

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