May 26, 2015: Test

For those of you who are visiting after reading the Examiner story, my website is almost done. For now, go to Paolo's website which is practically the same thing:

May 16, 2014: Welcome to the virtual office of the Barrie Libertarians!

No, we are only kidding. We don't really have an office and a website is not an office, either. Most of this material is from the 2011 federal election. This website is going to change, too. For now, poke around and then go to the official website of the Ontario Libertarian Party, or to read our platform, click here. Thanks for reading and share this with your friends. AND...if not for getting on TV tomorrow, I would get to work on this now.

-Darren Roskam

September 26, 2011: Wanna see the salary list for all city staffers for every Ontario city? Everyone is overpaid. Click here.

September 22, 2011: This website is for both Paolo in Vaughan and me, Darren, in Barrie. Paolo had a great time with a debate and I hope to do okay with the one tonight in Barrie. Paolo is busy with his wife and three kids and school, and me, with the 11th anniversary edition of my self-published magazine, Crowe. Check the Libertarian celebs at left and give us a little time to get the website happening. Or, donate some money!


April 26, 2011:
New video of ME kicking the ass of the Green jerk and liar, Erich:

April 23, 2011: The full video is ready:

April 22, 2011:
I have the first video of Erich admitting that he is not a teacher. I made a teaser video, with a bigger one coming later. He says he is not a teacher, yet a teacher is always a teacher. Erich never received a Teaching degree, and never was a teacher. He has been lying to the people of this riding for years. The video:

April 21, 2011:
Rogers debate last night was a blast. I nailed the Green Party good. Making videos of the debate. In the meantime, Erich is not a teacher, and never was. He once said that he and his wife "both teach" in Barrie. It is a lie. Watch the video which shows Erich is a liar, by clicking this link. And, regarding oil prices, this is what I said I would provide:

"A very significant fraction of the world’s oil supply is controlled by governments. Cartels such as OPEC cannot exist without government collusion. This results in prices that are much higher than would be the case in a free market for oil. There is a limited supply, and increasing scarcity will result in higher costs. The Libertarian Party of Canada advocates flat taxation, with no special incentives on any product or tax that provide special favours to some people over others and distort the market. If people choose to live further from their jobs they should bear the costs of that. In this time when some people believe carbon dioxide may cause future damage to encourage that seems fool hearty. Under a Libertarian government taxes would be significantly lower as a base."

April 20, 2011: Got back from the Collier Place debate. Very nice people, and it was well attended. I said I would post something for them, and I will:

Several years ago, the government decided one way to control health care costs was to limit the number of doctors graduating from our universities. And the number of nurses and hospital beds. Thank you Liberals and Conservatives. And Thank you NDP for convincing them to make a monopoly out of Health Care in the first place. Government-run monopolies are the problem. Competition is the solution. For more choice in health care, choose the Party of Choice, Libertarian.

April 18, 2011:
Another debate tonight. We Libertarians will TOTALLY legalize marijuana, while the Greens want to tax it. Click here:

April 17, 2011:
Just watched the Rogers TV debate. Erich is not telling the truth, again. He was telling the people of Barrie for years, that he was teaching in Barrie. He never did. Erich never taught anybody anything as a real teacher in Barrie since he came here, in 1999. He never had an English degree or a Teaching degree. He referred to himself and his wife, who is a real teacher, together, as teachers. It was a lie. His wife's name is Teresa Jane Hawkins-Jacoby and her name is properly found at the website of the Ontario College of Teachers. Erich's is not. Try it:

His bios have changed to hide his misrepresentations, yet my video is saved. Please click here for the video, and share it with a friend. Erich also claims to be writing textbooks. I invite you to copy and paste his name, and do a search at and Google. I can't find anything. Give it a try:
Erich Jacoby Hawkins

April 16: Libertarians will TOTALLY legalize weed while the Greens will steal it and tax it.

April 15:
Debate last night

Heya. Darren Roskam, here. The guy with the bandana who was on Rogers talking about selling off the CBC and protecting your home with a gun. That was a tough time last night, yet Erich was exposed for the fake teacher he always was. More later. Please come back, daily.

April 14:
Debate is tonight!

April 13:
Debate at Barrie City Hall tomorrow and on Rogers from 6 to 8 PM.

April 12, 2011:
Darren Roskam's website for the 2011 federal in progress

Hey gang, this website is what my name will be redirected to with the Rogers tv story later today, if they ask for a website, yet this thing is not official yet, and not finished, yet. Why? The Libertarians don't get millions of dollars in subsidies like the Greens do. We don't get enough votes for it, yet then again, we hate the subsidy. The Greens love the subsidy. Mmmm...subsidy goodness for the socialist Greens
Everything below this line is from when Paolo Fabrizio used this website. I can't delete it, as it was too good.

November 29, 2010: ELECTION DAY

Friends, we can have more than two parties. If this website and the things I have written mean anything to you, then please vote for me. The election is already paid for. Win or lose, if you believe in what I am offering, please pay me back with a vote. Today is the day, and I have been fighting an unfair media, a Green candidate which doesn't stand for equal access to the debates, and an NDP candidate who endorsed the Green candidate, with "vote Green."

Please, give something back for me, the one who offers to lessen government interference and lower taxes. Vote, and take a friend with you as you do so.

Thanks, everyone, and get to those polls! I'll be on Rogers tonight. Ciao!


November 28, 2010: Taking a break to write this at close to 3PM.

The Liberals are nailing signs to trees. The provincial Conservatives are sending email blasts for Fantino, and after the damage has been done to me, and the help for the NDP provided, the local NDP candidate is saying he didn't endorse the local Green candidate. From NDP candidate Kevin Bordian's press release:

"Let me set the record straight. It was not my intention to leave the impression that I was endorsing any other party or candidate. If I have done so, please be assured that I am running in this campaign as a proud New Democrat. I’m asking the voters of Vaughan to vote for me. I am putting myself forward to earn your trust and support."

This is what he said at the debate:

I’m going to do something very rare. I would encourage you to vote Green because they actually seem to be honest, they actually seem to be fighting for something other than the party line."

Those were his words, friends. "Vote Green." And here I am, doing the job of the Vaughan Citizen for them, and reporting this, showing that socialists and the liberal media all stick together.

I know many of you will read this, and agree and yet won't vote. "Somebody else will agree and vote for him. I wish him well," is what you may say to yourself.

If you agree with me, vote. I need every single vote I can get. My budget is peanuts and the local newspaper is favouring the NDP and Greens. If you'll excuse me, I have to get back to delivering pamphlets. Please vote.

Nov 26, 2010: My second post of the day.

I read a Twitter message that Omni TV sent to Green candidate Claudia-Rodriguez-Larrain. Here it is:

"hey claudia,
i’ll be in woodbridge tomorrow (friday nov 26th) to shoot an election campaign wrap story. i’ll be interviewing the other 3 candidates but i really want to interview you as well. the story will air tomorrow night on Omni 1. please call me when you get a chance.
Andrew Monti (Omni News – Reporter)

How can these so-called reporters go to their journalism schools, graduate, and pay attention to sports scores and sports teams, yet when we have an election, they ignore other candidates for public office?

How can the Greens keep getting force-fed to Canadians as being Canada's 4th-place party, when they are not? I don't like the Bloc Quebecois, yet they have elected several MPs, there are two independent MPs, and no Green MPs.

Far from not wanting to participate in a debate, I want to participate in all of them. Far from not caring to be interviewed, I want to!

I asked, publicly, on this website, to be included at the debate hosted by the Vaughan Citizen, and they ignored me. Their paper, for today, goes on and on about the other candidates. Omni TV is asking the Green candidate, by posting to her Twitter, to be part of a story, and while the Greens are welcomed and asked, I am ignored. What this does, is to give the impression that I don't care, and that the Green candidate does care.

I'm so sick of it. Every election, the same thing. I received 688 votes when I ran in Vaughan, and that was with a budget of $200.00. People should be writing stories about that, if they are writing of and providing tv time to the Green candidate, who is running in Vaughan for the first time, and last time, ran for the NDP in another riding.

Please forward this website, and vote for me. Thanks.

Nov 26, 2010: I had a volunteer call 100 homes in Vaughan. Not everybody answered, not everybody wanted to talk politics, so soon after the municipal election. More people said they were voting for me, than for the Greens. Thanks to Rogers for the coverage. It is no surprise that with a little coverage, which is fair, I can beat the Greens, even without the money they have to spend on a campaign. That's why the NDP candidate had to endorse the Green candidate. Whatever it takes...unfair coverage from the Vaughan Citizen, and excluding me from their debate, and the hypocrite Green who is silent when it comes to demanding all access to a debate...whatever it takes for the Greens to win, fairness and ethics be damned.

Please vote for me, and forward this to your friends as fast as you can, as the election is on Monday.

Nov 25, 2010: I am on the road. The local newspaper, the Vaughan Citizen, has showed its bias, and the local NDP and Green candidates, the recipients of the bias, have shown their willingness to work together to get the Greens to beat me. They have to do all they can, don't they?

If all this unfair treatment from the media and from the NDP and from the Greens showing they love unfair debates makes you sick, then say something by voting for me. Win or lose, you can get back at unfair media and parties by voting for me, and forwarding this website to all your Facebook, Twitter and email friends, and do it right away, as the election is days away. Please and thank you, friends.


First, my thanks to Rogers for allowing all candidates to attend their debate, which Julian Fantino did attend, yesterday.

Fantino did not attend the sham debate hosted by the Vaughan Citizen at which only the Liberals, Conservatives, Greens and NDP were invited. The Liberal, NDP and Green candidates attended, and none of them made a statement, as I have done, asking for all candidates to be invited to these debates. The Citizen's editor, Kim Champion, at the debate, criticized Fantino for not attending, saying that she never received a reply from him.

My disappointments are noted towards the Citizen for refusing to invite me, even as a second choice, as its editor, Champion, said at the debate:

"I believe that a debate of this sort is a very important part of the democratic process, so we regret Mr. Fantino’s decision and I feel badly for everyone who came here this evening expecting a full debate among all four invited candidates. I never received a reply from Mr. Fantino to our invitation and still haven’t."

If a debate of that sort is "very important" to the democratic process, then all candidates should be invited. If Fantino had not replied, then other candidates should have been invited. Ms. Champion is lamenting not receiving a reply? I felt the same, as she ignored me, and my request to have a story done on me, as she did a front-page story on the NDP and Green candidates, promoting them, and ignoring, and, damaging me.

It's not fair.

At the debate, the NDP candidate, Kevin Bordian, lauded by the Citizen with their free promotion of him, and referred to by the NDP on their website as understanding the issues "well past his 26 years," was downright stumped on a number of issues, and, unbelievably, with his alleged wealth of understanding, and puff piece from the Citizen, and while being silent when it came to asking for all candidates to be invited, did make a comment away from typical party rhetoric...

He endorsed the Green candidate, Claudia-Rodriguez-Larrain.

"I’m going to do something very rare. I would encourage you to vote Green because they actually seem to be honest, they actually seem to be fighting for something other than the party line."

Honest? Fighting for something other than the party line? In 2008, the Greens were demanding fairness with the debates, and that their leader, Elizabeth May, be permitted to join the tv debates. The Greens have ideals when it serves them, only.

Why did Fantino miss the debate? He was at a memorial service.

The Liberal candidate, Tony Genco,
attacked Fantino, regardless, telling attendees to the debate that he himself had passed on a Justin Bieber concert with his daughter to attend the debate. That's hardly as important as a memorial service.

Mr. Genco, I have lived in Woodbridge most of my life. You don't mess with a man's family or religion. There's no excuse for missing a memorial service. You just lost the election. Congratulations.

A complete sham. The Citizen promoted the NDP and Green candidates, ignored me, and the NDP candidate was a flop and endorsed the Green. Whatever it takes, from the liberal media and liberal candidates, to keep me from beating the Greens. Hypocrisy and unfairness were the order of the day.

Mr. Fantino, I agree with your decision to attend a memorial service. As for the debate, you didn't miss anything.

To the people of Vaughan: If this sham debate and NDP/Green tag team disgusts you, then vote for me, and forward this website to a friend as fast as you can, and ask that they vote for me, as well.




Please read the ad from the Vaughan Citizen, dated November 18, 2010, and my comments, below it:

My critical analysis of the composition of this ad comes first.

There is a red man, a blue, and an orange, for the LIberal, Conservative, and NDP candidates. They are men, due to the green figure being a woman, with a skirt. That's the woman who is running for the Greens. Note the expressive nature of the figures, with open hands, reaching out to each other, the lines coming from each one, indicating speech. The cartoon balloons were added afterward, with Adobe Illustrator, as I can tell, from the gradient on each balloon. It's a cute drawing, showing four candidates from four parties, at a debate. As it is pleasant, it is especially mean to those who are not invited, yet want to join in on the fun.

Everyone wants to be invited. Even if you don't attend, nobody wants to be excluded. When we're kids, we have little kid parties, and people invite their friends, only. When we become adults and have adult functions, like a debate, we are supposed to be fair, and invite all, for a debate is not a party, it's for an election, and those with the means to have a debate, and have it covered with a strong vehicle, such as a newspaper, have a moral duty to be fair, and invite everyone running. The Vaughan Citizen had that drawing commissioned before they invited everyone they wanted to invite, and they had already decided that it was for the four who were invited, and not for anyone else, even if they ask to attend. The Vaughan Citizen also did a front-page story on the NDP and Green candidates, discounting their youth and inexperience, and lobbying for them to be given a chance.

What about me? What about my party, the Libertarians, and the 688 people who voted for me, the last time I ran in Vaughan with a budget of almost $200.00?

The ad says that the Vaughan Citizen, along with Human Endeavour and the Vaughan Social Action Council will host the debate. How can all of them not believe in fairness? It will be moderated by an associate professor from York University. How can he not believe in fairness? There will be five panelists. How can all of them not believe in fairness, as well?

Those invited are referred to as the "four main parties." That's not true. The Greens are Canada's 5th-place party, behind the regrettable Bloc Quebecois, which has elected MPs. The Greens have elected none. There are two INDEPENDENT elected MPs. People with no party affiliation at all are greater than the Greens, and at the least, the independent candidate should have been invited.

What the Vaughan Citizen and the others are indulging in, is a self-fulfilling prophecy. They promote the Green candidate, and ignore the Libertarian. They invite the Green candidate, and exclude the Libertarian. When the election is done, they will all note how well the Green candidate did, and that the Greens are growing.

I am in this race, and the Vaughan Citizen promotes the NDP and the Greens, which is poison to the democratic process, and then, they make it seem like I don't care, by not being at the debate! There will be no statement read by the organizers, saying that they did not invite me, nor will there be a statement read for me, saying that I wanted to be invited.

They won't do that, for it shows the debate to be a sham. Anyone would then ask, "Why can't the others be invited?" And, they would know that the debate is a farce. I ask that all who are registered be invited for all debates, and I am the only one who has made that statement.

Those that organized this debate? Shame on all of them. They are a disgrace to democracy.

Help me, then. I want to beat the Greens. Help me, as that hypocritical party which demanded their leader be permitted to join the tv debates from the 2008 federal election, willingly participates with unfair debates, when it serves them. Help me beat Claudia-Rodriguez-Larrain.

Share this website with at least one other person, and do it fast, as the election is less than a week away. Take a moment and forward this website to all your Twitter, Facebook and email lists and tell them to forward it, as well. Let that be the next thing you do, as you leave this website. Please help me, as the Vaughan Citizen is working against me, and the Greens are no friend of democracy, whatsoever.

Thank you,

Paolo Fabrizio
Pastry chef, gardener, vegetarian

Nov 21, 2010: Neither the local Green Party candidate, Claudia-Rodriguez-Larrain nor her Green Party has said a word, asking for all candidates to be invited to the debate hosted by a Vaughan newspaper, and area community organizations. I am disappointed. The Greens spoke to fairness when they demanded that their leader, Elizabeth May, be permitted to join the tv debate for the 2008 federal election. When it doesn't involve them, the Greens are silent. Their mighty ideals, gone.

I live my ideals.

I hope Elizabeth May gets to be part of the next tv debates, and my party leader, Dennis Young. What money or effort does it take for me to type these words and publish them, to say that I ask for fairness? I can agree to say that Green Party of Canada leader, Elizabeth May, should be permitted to attend the next tv debate. I ask for all to have the things I ask, for myself, and my party.

Why won't the Greens do the same, for everyone else?

I challenge Julian Fantino not to attend the next debate, if I am not permitted to participate, as it is a debate that is unfair, and therefore biased, and not acceptable for good people to attend.

Donate by clicking

Nov 20, 2010: My name is Paolo Fabrizio. I am a Libertarian.

I believe in competition. I believe in fairness.

A newspaper and others, together, are hosting a debate for the Vaughan by-election. The Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and Greens are welcome, and I am not welcome.

I would always demand that all parties be invited. Some are not, besides my party. I ask for all to be invited. I ask that debates with Liberals, Conservatives and NDP only, allow the Green Party as well. How are we to be judged? Locally? I have been with the Libertarians for ten years. The Green Party candidate last ran for the NDP in 2007 and if we are to be judged for that, I should be invited, and the Green candidate, the newbie, not invited. And yet, I would go, and do what I could, and say that all parties deserve to be invited. So, to the organizers, I say: Invite all who are running.

I challenge my fine Vaughan opponent, Green Party candidate Claudia-Rodriguez-Larrain to say the same, and to do so publicly.

Paolo Fabrizio

Nov 19, 2010: This is an update from the webmaster, Darrino. Paolo is in a garage in Woodbridge, cobbling signs together. He had a great day with Rogers and says to say thanks.

As always, if you want to donate,
click here.

Nov 18, 2010: Want to donate, and help me to bring real changes? It easy with a PayPal donation. Please click here.

Or, send a cheque (or Money Order) made out to "James McIntosh, Official Agent for Paolo Fabrizio” and write “Paolo Fabrizio Campaign” on the memo line. Send to Jim McIntosh, Official Agent, 1150 Shoal Point Rd. S, Ajax, ON, L1S 1E2 (Phone 416-283-7589), and thanks to Jim for providing the link.

Rogers changed their format! I am going to debate everyone else as equals. Thanks for the 30 emails of support I have received since the story started. I gotta knock on some doors!


November 17, 2010: I'm a little down from a recent trip to the dentist and from the weather, yet thanks for the dozens of emails I am getting. I will work towards a fair debate with Rogers that is inclusive and respects all candidates as equals.

November 16, 2010: There is a reason why Vaughan was misspelled on my website for the last week. My webmaster, Darrino, plays the guitar and doesn't know anything about Vaughan yet he does know a lot about Stevie Ray Vaughan, and he grabbed a YouTube video that somebody has misspelled, and copied and pasted the name from that. Darrino sends his apologies. The banner is changed but there may be a few more instances of misspelling.

November 12, 2010: It is great meeting old friends in Vaughan. What a campaign. My door hangers are being distributed and things are going good. The Vaughn Citizen did a story on all the registered candidates, and somehow forgot to mention me at all. And, Elections Canada removed my phone number. Does that mean I am not campaigning and have no phone? No, as I am campaigning and my phone is: 647 300 8555. Thanks for stopping by and come back again, please.


November 10, 2010: I have professional door hangers being printed. Here I come, Vaughn!

November 9, 2010: Last night I got a Certificate of Recognition while Councillor Lynn Strachan was hosting the Communities in Bloom awards. My son won some flower bulbs with the raffle, and it really was a community in bloom. Thanks to everybody who participated and to our environmentally friendly councillor, too. Her website is here: 

August 29, 2010: To any Libertarians visiting here, please check out my municipal run, with this website:

July 18, 2010: Yesterday I attended MP Patrick Brown's annual charity BBQ. The attendance was great and after many had tried, my son, Luca, was the first to dunk MP Brown! Then my daughter, Eva, tried and also dunked him. What a great sport our MP is. Pics:

May 14: Computer problems

April 22, 2010: Be sure to say hi at my niece's charity Casino Night, tomorrow at the La Vedette Banquet Hall. The fun starts at 6:30PM. All proceeds go towards the Seventh Annual Giant Steps charity event to support children with Autism. 

Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder, is a complex neurological disorder that affects as many as 1 in 150 children. Located in Thornhill, Giant Steps is a school & therapy centre for elementary school-aged children with Autism.

And tomorrow I will be with Councillor Nuttall cleaning the EP Land behind St. Gabriel the Archangel's School.

April 20, 2010: Thanks to my friend and manager Darrino for donating $100.00 for my niece's charity, Giant Steps. If you'd like to donate, too, please contact the school at 905-881-3104 or email at This year's charity event is a casino night, this coming Friday, April 23. So if you're interested, please buy your ticket before it's too late.

March 30, 2010: Happy New Year!

Ha! But Seriously, my partner, Darrino, had to move in December, after being at his last place for over
nine years. Then he got sick for well over a month, with a cough that required two prescription puffers, as he had to move to a place with two cats, which he is allergic to. And, his internet got messed up, and there were computer problems, and Darrino had some civil matters to attend to. Then we had a...technical problem with this website. But we're back. I've got pics, somewhere. We're working on updates.

I'd like to take a moment and thank Yola for providing these free websites, helping to foster free speech and access to the internet for everybody. And what does it cost? A little notice on the bottom of the page that you can have a Yola website, too? What a deal! And these Yola websites are offered by Americans, too. One of my heroes is
Republican Congressman Ron Paul, 14th District, Texas. He has a history with the Libertarian Party, too. He's a real Republican, who believes in the Constitution, and limited government.

So, yeah, my hat is off to Yola, and Americans. Thank you.


December 17, 2009: Ho ho ho!

Almost a month with no updates. What can I say, except that you should be careful not to let your daughter's friends carry your camera until AFTER you have taken the pictures out. But that's fine, because I am going to entertain you with three shots of me and my manager Darrino supporting the local economy and scaring area elves. Below, if you'd care to open it in a new tab or download for the full size version, is a pic of Darrino and I with (from left) the Bayfield Mall, Kozlov and Georgian Mall Santas.

Darrino weighs more than any of the Santas, so I can't blame the Kozlov Santa for protecting his knees.

What good fun that was, even though my oldest daughter now says I'm really crazy. Maybe I am! Ha ha! I love Barrie.

November 20, 2009: TOMORROW!

La Leche League Canada, Barrie Groups  presents ~Breastfeeding Benefits~  Family Fun and Silent Auction Saturday November 21st, 2009, Ferris Lane Community Church and Daycare, 49 Ferris Lane, Barrie, 10am to1pm ~ $3.00 person/$10.00 per family. Refreshments generously donated by Paolo Fabrizio and The Italian Bakery. For updated Silent Auction item list visit us at our facebook group La Leche League Canada Barrie AM Group  or at

November 14, 2009: What a week! Here's a pic of me with Gerry Nichols, from last Saturday's Libertarian Annual General Meeting in Toronto. My post follows below.

Oh yeah, and before I go any further, please check out Gerry's website. Gerry is the former vice president of the National Citizens Coalition. He got released when he criticized Harper. He has a best selling book called Loyal to the Core and was a big hit with our meeting.

As was stated earlier, the meeting was a success and I've got phone calls and emails galore, along with extra visitors to the bakery. That thing on my face (no not my ugly mole) is a smile! That's right I'm smiling and it's all thanks to McGuinty waking up the masses. My endless babble of big government being no good is paying off. Just read the Letters to the Editor of any paper and you can tell that power is shifting towards our movement, to, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" The countless tax hikes, the steady scandals such as e-health, the OLG, stimulus and the very popular HST has made myself and my small but very quickly growing party very popular and a very good-looking alternative to any other party out there today. Whats that? You don't think it's a good idea to raise your taxes? Oh well, your government does and they're going to raise them again and again and again unless we all take a stand together. Big government and big taxes has never helped us and it never will...that's unless you're one of the major parties who have stolen our money for oh so long. Joe Kane's letter to the Barrie Examiner said, "We need less government." It's such a good feeling to have people say to me: "Now I know what you meant by less government." My hard work is finally paying off. Thank you Barrie, I love all of you. Please send others to this website and join my email list by sending me a message. I can use your support in the fight against big government, and I'm working on a press release to criticize Barrie City Council's preliminary moves to ban home fireworks and any park activity past 11PM.

November 1, 2009: The kids went out for Halloween last night. Yeah, so did everybody else, but mine didn't go alone. I went with them and had a chance to talk with several of my neighbours in Ward 10. It was fun and I got to listen to their concerns and added a few of them to my email list which now has over 500 names on it. But enough about me, and check out what my youngest did for a pumpkin, and she's only six years old: A cat, and the best part is she added paws to it! As for the other two kids, their pumpkin designs aren't here because people get sick of Halloween really fast after it's over. That, and Eva would beat me up if I didn't add the picture of the kitty pumpkin, so here it is. Ciao.

October 20, 2009: Last night I attended the Communities in Bloom Awards at Barrie City Hall. The rotunda was packed. There were several people standing because all the chairs were being used, it was so popular, due to the work of a lot of volunteers and Councillor Lynn Strachan, who has been the Chair of Communities in Bloom in Barrie for six years. Scroll down and note that even I won something: a residential recognition award.

What's that? Just as it says; recognition for the garden you make, and then register with Communities in Bloom. As well as the big awards, you can get officially recognized for improving your own neighbourhood with a garden, so even a small garden is important. I also got lucky and won a door prize of flower bulbs. As you can tell from the pic below, with me, my mother, and my kids, we grew a lot with a small garden. I didn't buy that stuff from the store, as you can tell from the small pumpkin that my youngest is holding. Yeah, it was too early to harvest that one, but what am I gonna do, tell her she can't have it? Anyway, this 

is what everybody can do on their own to be as Green as they want to be without government forcing you to do it. This is the way! Thanks again to Councillor Strachan, and the only reason why I don't have a pic of her is because my buddy Darrino had the camera, and wanted to stay close to the food table, acting casual while he waited to nail it for a third time. Ha ha! Sorry, Darrino! Ciao!

October 15, 2009: It's halfway into October, and I thought I'd post a pic of one of the leading lights of our community...the pumpkin! Ah ha ha! I do what I can, though. The last time I posted here was early in the morning, October 1. Later that day, if you scroll past the pumpkin...

I got my letter printed in the Examiner (a little below this text box). Open it in a new tab or download for full size. I don't want to repeat what it says, except to say that I feel most people would agree that no political party should be getting welfare. After all, that's supposed to be reserved for the party that wins! Ha ha! Thanks again to the Examiner for printing it. Ciao!

October 1, 2009: I've got my camera working again. Here I am with famous Conservative and free speech advocate, Ezra Levant. He was at a speaking engagement last weekend at the University of Toronto. What a fun time, and everybody there went nuts when he showed up. A very popular guy. Here's his website. Thanks for the picture, Ezra!

Camera working, old pictures coming I am, showing off my Barrie gear this summer... the White House! 

Alright, one more picture that I had in my camera. Me with MP Patrick Brown, from Canada Day. I took all those stickers for my kids, and he took half of my free cookie coupons, came back within 24 hours and cleaned us out. I didn't know he liked our cookies that much and...okay, I'm kidding. Ciao!

September 22, 2009: Hey guys, I got a letter published in the Barrie Examiner. Open the pic below in a new tab or download for the full size...

Yes, I've been quiet lately, because my three kids kids are loud. Ha ha! Seriously, though, the wife and I managed to get a vacation with the kids during the summer, and I've been catching up, and then school started, so I didn't have too much to share with you, but I did manage to write a letter to the Examiner and they accepted it, so here it is. It seems we may be having an election, so, if we do, and the government wants to waste your money again, things will get interesting at this website, again. No subsidies for us, though. Ciao!

July 11, 2009: Just wanted to check in and let you know that baked goods can do a lot of good
On June 27, Hovey's Gourmet Meats held a barbecue fundraiser for the Brandon Crisp Endowment. I was there selling cookies to help raise some money, too. The Advance did a story on it and mentioned me, so thanks to them and I'm glad money was raised for a good cause.

Earlier last month, I brought a few things for a ceremony for new Canadian citizens at Barrie City Hall. Hey, why not? If people get involved, then the government doesn't have to pay for it. Hang on, you can't read the sign...

Okay, now you can. Ciao!

July 1, 2009: Happy Canada Day!

Here I am with the wife and kids, downtown Barrie, on Canada Day. I love it when they shut down Dunlop Street for a few days and turn it into a walking marketplace. Downtown has a lot to offer and still, to me, can be festive and attractive, despite its struggles. Lots of music, friendly merchants, and I made a few new friends with my cookie coupons. I have more pictures coming, as soon as I can. As for those of you who accepted a coupon, I look forward to you visiting the bakery. I promise my cookies won't disappoint! Ciao

June 29, 2009: Darrino's moving some pics around, so they'll be back, soon.

June 23, 2009: Following the rules

I wanted to take a moment to thank Councillor Prince for something. Last night, I attended council and noted that Erich Jacoby-Hawkins was attending, but at the media table. I am not aware of him working for, or owning, any publication. Regardless, he had brought with him a big Green Party of Canada mug, to go along with his Green Party of Canada pin. As you can see, I too have campaign materials which fellow Libertarian Darren Roskam might have liked to display, but in the 14 months Mr. Roskam has attended that table, he has never brought political party campaign materials with him. There is a policy in place which states that people "may not use any municipally-provided facilities for any election-related purposes. Neither campaign related signs nor any other election-related material will be displayed in any municipally-provided facilities." Of course, the exception to the rule is when the building is used to host the Rogers candidates' debates, at election time.

It is not election time.

As soon as he became aware of a complaint about Mr. Jacoby-Hawkins breaking this policy, Andrew Prince noted his objection to the Clerk, who will soon be advising Mr. Jacoby-Hawkins to respect the rules. That's all I have to say on that. But, when it comes to Libertarian materials away from Barrie City Hall, Darren Roskam is happy to pose with our flag, and I came by his place and he was showing off his garden, which he has registered with Communities in Bloom. It seems that Green things happen when people take responsibility for improving their own street, without expecting any green government to do it for them. I've already showed you my garden, so here's Darrino's. Ciao!

June 21: Father's Day. Below is a pic of me, my brothers and my father, at my house. My father and mother live with me and my wife. That's the Italian tradition, as family is very important to us, as I'm sure it's important to you, as well. The earthquake in Italy, earlier this year, placed in sharp relief for me what really matters, and I'm grateful for this day, and to share this picture with you. My best wishes for your family, as well.

June 16: No updates for over a month. My apologies to those of you who have been visiting. I've just been very busy, lately. Who keeps me busy? My kids! Here's a pic of me with them. This was at the Pizza Pizza on Bayfield, earlier this month:
I've also been busy with my garden. I've been tending to my own hobby gardens since I was a kid. I've got tomatoes galore, sweet and hot peppers and green onions...basically my own salsa. If the squirrels don't get in there, or my own pet rabbits, first, that is. I'd like to suggest you join me and register your garden with Communities in Bloom by visiting this link. It only takes a minute.
Also this month, I attended the Community Information Open House, for the new YMCA, at Barrie City Hall. The kids and I got to meet Bridget Brown of A Channel, who was doing a story there. She made a moment to talk with the kids, which was very nice, especially when she was so busy being her own cameraperson, too. I wish Bridget and the rest of the A Channel staff all the best in these tough economic times. That channel and its employees are an asset we need to help. Congrats also to Rogers Barrie for being awarded the best Rogers community channel, too. Okay, I have one more pic...

Darn, maybe I'm not cool enough for sunglasses, anymore. Ha ha! Father's Day is this weekend, folks, so don't forget. Ciao!

May 6: Yesterday, I got to meet Clifford Hall, whom Darren Roskam was interviewing for Crowe magazine. I had the kids with me and Mr. Hall was so nice to everybody. You might rememeber him from the cover of the Barrie Examiner last month, making a deputation to Barrie City Council against their decision to sell the Allandale Train Station lands to YMCA/Correct, instead of Porter/Forecast. Since McDonald's was on the way back, Eva forced me to stop. Yes, it may not be news, but a Libertarian does what he wants, and it's my website. Ha ha! Ciao

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